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What We Do

We make visual theatre shows for audiences of all ages

We specialise in making work for hearing and D/deaf audiences alike

Our shows are physical, playful, and deeply accessible.

Our values


We are international. We are diverse. We are non-judgmental. In our rehearsal rooms we like to have people from many backgrounds and many countries. We are representative of the world around us. 


Our shows use new theatrical languages. We challenge ourselves by working with different artforms and different disciplines.


OftheJackel makes work for first-time theatregoers and life-long fans alike. We are inclusive. We are committed to taking our work outside of traditional touring venues. We seek to reflect our audiences’ lives onstage.


Withered Optimism
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Withered Optimism

Withered Optimism is a tender comic ode to the tyranny of work. The show explores the eroded boundary between work and leisure and interrogates the constant connectivity that has replaced it. Its put-upon protagonist dreams of a simpler life, but is stretched to breaking point by the corporate world.

55 minutes

Ages 12+

No spoken language

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Splat is a physical comedy about Art and Creativity.


Set in an artist's studio, the show follows two aspiring artists - one dedicated and serious but with little flair, the other erratic and messy though with a spark of something special if only they could concentrate for long enough.

Ages 3-7 (and your adults)

No spoken language

55 mins

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